Yo, my name is Noach.
But in real life I call myself Noah Verhoeff.

As a Graphic Designer I explore visual language and concepts through different mediums which graphic design can translate into. Operating on a broad scope of projects within the fields of music, culture, and art.

My style is bold, colorful, and contrasting. But still trying to maintain cohesion and balance within the compositions.
Focussing on print, digital, motion, analogue, crafts, illustration and everything in between and outside of that spectrum.

I strongly believe that mistakes and imperfections gives the best results. I’m always exploring and looking for new approaches, creative expressions and different perspectives to keep the never ending story going...

For commissions, collaborations and chats:
︎︎︎Email: noahverhoeff1@outlook.com
︎︎︎Instagram: @xnoachx